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Manufacturer of Innovative Sensors, Gas analyzers, controls for Atmosphere heat treating, combustion, coal& Biomass Gasification, Biogas, Steel & Power, Gas generation & Gas blending application.

We are an ISO 9001-2015 Certified, manufacturer to offer Online Gas Analyser, Portable Gas Analyser, Hand Held Gas Analyser for Heat Treatment, Combustion, Biogas and Biomass Gasification Applications.

About Us

AMB ELECTRONIC SYSTEM TECH PVT. LTD, based in New Delhi, India, engaged in Design, Development and Manufacturing of Technological products for Atmosphere heat treatment, Combustion, Glass, Gasification, Renewable energy, Air seperation  Industry. Products originally developed includes zirconia Oxygen probe, Online and Portable Gas analyser, Hand held  gas analyser, Multigas analyser, Process Controllers, Monitoring & Control Software, Engineered Systems.We are an ISO-9001-2015 Certified, NSIC approved company with 25 years of extensive experience in real implementation of true technological products in Indian Industry such as Heat Treatment, Still, Power, Fertiliser, Natural Gas, research institution. Our product  Quality, competitive pricing  and timely customer support is highly appreciated  here. We continue to adapt high standard next generation technology to match to the expectation of our customers.

AMB Works with many OEM Furnace Manufacturers, Captive & Commercial Heat Treaters. The Company's product address all Aspects of Heat Treating including Gas carburising, Nitriding, Nitrocarburising, neutral hardening Applications.

AMB Works with many OEM Reactor, Bio Digester, Biomass Gasifier Manufacturers, Captive & Commercial Gas Producers. The Company's product address all aspects of Gas manufacturing Applications.

AMB Works with many many research institutes to fulfill the requirement of sensor,controls of new pilot projects. The Company's product address all aspects of New projects in the filed of  Gasification, Pyrolysis, Fermentation,

AMB is a very very Innovative company producing new cost-effective instrument, process control products as per the market requirement.

Our Specialization: Oxygen Probe

AMB Electronic System Tech Private Limited is a prestigious business entity, acknowledged for manufacturing Oxygen Probes that are used for measuring carbon potential infused in components. The offered probes that are developed from special alloy shealth for ensuring longer life are known for their reliable and accurate monitoring under even the tough conditions of thermal cycling and carbonized atmosphere. For meeting different market requirements, we are offering probes in different lengths upto 1000 mm including:

  • 555 mm
  • 665 mm
  • 800 mm
  • 900 mm

The range of Oxygen Probes which we develop works on new method for measuring oxygen gases, it is considered perfect to be used for heat treating, high temperature carburizing, carbonitriding, endothermic gas generators and works that involve monitoring oxygen in combustion application. Made by experienced personnel employing latest technology, our Oxygen Probes come with a warranty of one year.