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3IR Gas Analyser 3IR Gas Analyser

3IR Gas Analyser

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3IR Gas Analyser 


AMB make 3IR Gas Analyser is extremely admired in the market of atmosphere heat treatment  since year 2009 for its supreme quality for measuring and monitoring CO,CO2,CH4 ,Temp, Millivolt and % age Carbon potential of heat treating gas atmosphere used in furnaces such as Continuous Mesh Belt, SQF, Roller hearth, Rotary hearth, Continuous carburizing furnace, PIT furnaces etc, used in the  metal heat treating industry for Carburising, Hardening process. This apparatus is easy to hold and move freely into another place and store the measured data digitally in its inbuilt memory for future use. Thanks to is Web Server feature enables the remote user to read the measure date remotely in real time.



It is truly a wonderful instrument, uniquely designed for heat treatment application by applying extensive experience gained from heat treated since last many years and running in Indian Industry since 2009. 


This instrument is CQI 9 Complement and used as an alternate method of measuring Carbon potential wrt Oxygen Probe as per CQI -9.