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Endo Gas Analyzer

Endo Gas Analyzer

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Product Description


Endothermic gas is produced when a mixture of air and fuel Such as CH4 or C3H8  is introduced into an externally heated retort  containing active catalyst at such a low air-to-gas ratio that it will normally not burn, which is needed for cracking the mixture.

AMB Make Endo gas analyser is inbuilt with a high quality Sensor to Monitor the oxygen Content of flue gas and regulate the inlet Air- Fule ratio to generate required composition of Endo gas suitable for atmosphere heat treatment at all seasons.

This apparatus is uniquely design  and very popularly Installed at various endo gas generators in  heat treat industry in India to produce Oxidisation free Quality products after hardening and carburising. 

A correlation is established to gurantee the control  Dew point of endo gas generator at a very Low Cost.